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Saturday, September 21, 2013


I realize that there are things that I will just NEVER know.  I call them the "unknowable."   The mysteries of my life.  Part of my list is because there is NO answer in the world to any of my questions, and others, well, I am probably just a little too lazy to learn and so I am pretty sure I will leave this earth without knowing them.  However, for those of you who do have a REAL legitimate answer to any of these, please feel free to enlighten me.  No weird science crap, though.  And please, please do not put me through a classroom session.  And, definitely, NO CONSPIRACY THEORIES; basically, don't try blowin smoke up my butt!

Things I Will Never Know:

     1.  Why didn't Leonardo DiCaprio win the Oscar for Titanic?  Yes, I am DEAD serious!

    2.  How does a plane stay in the air and a boat stay on water?  I don't get it.  I've been in a plane.  I've been on a boat.  I don't get it!  I flat don't get it!!

     3.  Why do cockroaches always die on their back with their feet straight up in the air?

     4.  If health is more important than money, then why does it take SOOOOO much money to be healthy?

               "We lose our health to make money; then lose that money  
             to restore our health." Unknown

     5.  ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that Johnny Cochran knew!  You just know he was hiding a lot of juicy dirt behind them shades. Hmmmmm....

     6.  What the hell Shakespeare is saying?! No really, I don't get it.  Maybe I am just too lazy to get it.  I didn't feel like putting in the effort in high school nor college, so I won't waste my "later years" trying to learn. Ya heard?


     7.  Why do the pigeons always flock to statues?  Statues aren't food.  No real shade.  No water.  What's their end game here?

     8.  How and when I will die (morbid, but true).

                     Death, it seems, does not like to wait until we are  
                prepared for it.  Death is indulgent and enjoys, when it 
               can, a flair for the dramatic.” Garp

     9.  Did my parents really, truly, honestly know how much I loved them? Oh we said it all the time, but did they really know?

    10.  Why are "abused" animals so full of love?

          "Animals should have the same rights as a child, because 
            they are equal in terms of dependence on others." D. Day

    11.  Why do we LOVE football so much, yet we HATE bullying and violence?  (Please, men, I implore you, hold your comments on this one!  Thank You)!  I'm just sayin...

    12.  The chicken or the egg?  (That age old question that sticks with you all through life)!

    13.  Why do rainbows always have the same exact colors in the same order?

    14.  Why we spend so much money going to the moon and exploring other planets while we are sitting here on EARTH waiting for a CURE for such things as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease?

    15.  Is there really such a thing as "extra-terrestrial life?"  I don't mean no little "ET" kinda cutie.  I am    talking about them ET lookin things from "Independence Day!" 


Well there it is folks.  Judy's unknowable's.  These are the things that I have "thrown in the white towel" and said, "I give!"  It's just unknowable!  I surrender!