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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What, Pre-K already? She was just born yesterday, right??

Recently, Oprah did an interview with Drew Barrymore (actress and new mom): 

Oprah:  "What is it like being a mom?"
Drew:  "It's like the worst crush of your life!"

Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Desi Doo's doctor has decided it is time for her to start Pre-K.  What???? Instantly, I heard someone screaming extremely loudly in the doctor's office, and then I realized, it was ME!  Did he say "school?"  I'm not prepared.  I'm not ready.  I'm not sure about this.  I'm sure she isn't ready.   

After the loud screaming stopped, I managed to compose myself like the lady I was brought up to be.  Then I realized, it was ALL about me!  Not about what is best for Desi.  It was my "selfish" voice doing all the talking, and mighty fast talking I might add.

I mean yesterday she had a bottle and a pacifier; okay, it wasn't yesterday, but it sure feels like it when you are watching your child grow up so fast.  I wasn't ready.  Nobody prepared me for this.  I just thought she could sit behind me in her swing forever while I worked.  I mean, if it's not broke, don't fix it.  Right?  Who gave these "little people" permission to grow up and be independent?  I sure as hell didn't.

This must be how my mom felt when she sent me off to Kiddies Kingdom for the first time 44 years ago.  And now, 44 years later, I am sending my own daughter to Kiddies Kingdom.  How did this happen?  Yesterday, my mom was rocking me in her arms.  No wait, that was me rocking Desi in my arms.  No wait, that wasn't even yesterday....

Time flies so quickly.  I've learned more about "love" in the last 3 years than I ever knew.  I mean, I love my husband, but there is something so different about the love of your child....

 Princess Desi
princess pictures

I guess she is ready.  It's mommy and daddy who isn't really ready! 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here's To A Brighter Year in 2013!

 I'm just gonna say it, 2012 sucked!  Well, at least at the Camel Mansion it didIt seemed like month after month it was one thing or another around here, and no, not like winning the lottery or anything super fantastic.  It seemed like this "big black cloud" was just dangling over our house all year
 (see what I mean)??

 All we can do is pray, pray, and pray some more than 2013 is a much better and brighter year.  

I know I am still blessed more than some, and I should be so thankful when I think about the horrible tragedies of 2012 such as the Sandy Hook murders, Hurricaine Sandy and those hit so hard on the east coast, the unimaginable deaths of friends and loved ones close to MY heart, and so much more.  

I have the love of my family, therefore I feel I should not complain.  On the other hand, love doesn't pay the bills :/

Today, we have decided, as it is a New Year, that we MUST make it better for 2013.  For 7 months, my husband was out of work and that took a HUGE toll on everything in our household.  He was doing side jobs, but that just doesn't cut it when you have bigger responsbilities than those jobs can pay.  He has now found a job that he really enjoys (ASU), yet the hours that he is gone is not so fun for me, him, or Destini. 

During which, at this time, I myself have been putting in grueling hours at my job to help get us caught up. 

Destini's medical issues, in the process of being worked up for autism (not to mention she is already an epileptic), is the BIGGEST stress of it all.  Yes, even over the finances!  She needs so much of our time and attention, yet it's at a time where both Mr. Camel and I need to work, work, work to stay afloat for her.  So now, the mommy and daddy guilt begins....
The start of things for 2013 are already looking much brighter than the start of 2012, so we will continue to work hard for HER and continue to thank our Lord and Savior that I have more fortunes in my life than I know, or at least so many things that I should give blessings for that I forget how lucky I am to have.

So, with that said, may we ALL have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
 I didn't forget to do a Christmas Blog, I just plain got too busy, and after that, just plain lazy