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Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Can they see me?

My mom once, twice, okay a bajillion times said to me growing up, "You are spoiled rotten and one day you will have a child just like you!"  Yeah.  Little did I know she meant it!

Then, when I met my husband, he too figured out real quick just what a "little brat" I was am!  And, he vowed to the heavens that he was "NOT going to continue to entertain it or spoil me!"  He was going to undo what my parents did.  Yeah.  Okay. 

Who, me?  What are you talking about how spoiled and bratty I am?  Do you see a pony in my backyard?  Exactly.

Little did I know, until becoming a mom myself, just how exhausted my parents must have been trying to keep up with Judy, her wants, and her little antics.  Because, my beautiful little baby girl, who never gave me any problems in the past, has become "THAT CHILD." You know what I'm talking about.  Every mom's nightmare!

The infant years, a breeze.  At 1 year old, skipped right on through it singing zippity doo dah day.  Two year old, WOW we got the BEST little girl, no "terrible twos."  And then, she hit THREE!

You can't prove I ate it!

 Yes, I've been playing with the electrical sockets!

Chalk Sniper!

 I found dad's camera, and if I just press this button right here!
Would you like a little powdered sugar on your French toast?  Yes, please.
TRIX are NOT for kids...


My Aunt Pam got me an "ishie" (fishie), but....
I got BUSTED trying to take "ishie" out of the bowl!
My mugshot 2013!
Escaped from the "Time Out" chair...do you think they will notice it's not me?

You can bribe me all day and all night, but I am NOT going to cooperate!

And this was actually a good day....

Okay.  I know what you are all thinking.  Where are you at mom and dad when she does all this?  For all those that said that, you obviously do not have children!  Take a seat.  Have a beverage.  Listen up...

These little people are like a jackrabbit, they are spry and energetic, they move like the wind.  They prey on our weaknesses, mostly that we cannot move nearly as fast as they can or hear quite as good as they do.  Most days I feel like Wile E. Coyote chasing that damn roadrunner, "meep meep!"  So, unless you have walked a mile in my shoes with a 3 year old, don't judge me.  Do not underestimate the powers of a 3 year old.  They will win.  They will take you down.  They will make you second guess yourself.  They will triumph in the end.  So don't fight it, and don't even bother going to the doctor for it.  There is no vaccine.  I have asked.  Twice.  I've discovered I am raising a spoiled little child, just like me, and there's just no way around it now!  I guess I will suck it up and shut up.  I'll give her this one, for now!

But, just remember...

One day, she too will have children!

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