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Sunday, July 15, 2012



Have You Ever:

*Cleaned poop off the wall, and the cat?

*Went to give the homeless man some change in your wallet, and afterwards he looks at you like your crazy because you just handed him a Chuck E. Cheese token?

*Watched I-Carly and SpongeBob, on PURPOSE?

*Been searching for a free outlet anywhere in the house to plug in the vacuum but they are all occupied with rechargable batteries going at all times of the day and night?

*Taken an hour to get ready to leave the house for a 5 minute errand?

*Kissed the mailman when you just SCORED a HUGE Huggies diaper coupon in the mail?

*Singing that song repeatedly in your head, then you finally realize it comes from Dora The Explorer and your singing along with the map?  WAIT, a map can sing?

*Changed the code word for "wanna fool around" to now, "wanna lay the baby down in her bed?"

*Taken your first pee break in 8 hours, only to hear an almighty "crash" from the living room just as your pants hit your ankles?

*Slaved over a hot stove and then had your cooking "snubnosed" and left on the plate to rot?  Even though you made the same thing 2 weeks ago and the plate was half empty before you could say "SLOW DOWN?"

*Escorted a screaming naked child and 15 tub toys from the bathtub, because God forbid they may never see that toy again?  Hence, the word "TUB TOYS."

*Realized that you can talk on the phone, type, chop veggies, pump gas, and blow dry your hair all with one arm (sometimes all at the same time) while balancing a sleeping child in the other arm?

*Looked in the mirror and gasped in horror at the disheveled, crazy-eyed stranger looking back at you?

*Asked "Good Lord, WHAT is that smell???"

If you answered YES to these questions, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A PARENT!!

And, I wouldn't change it for anything!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


First, let me start by saying, Happy Fourth of July!  

 It's RAINING in the "Valley of The Sun!"  What the heck? 

So, with that said, what better time to put together a blog :)

For the last four months, I have been busier than I want to be; meaning work!  I had backed off from work full-time after Desi was born, but then my husband lost his job after the beginning of the year and so I went back full-time and he has become "Mr. Mom" while looking for another job.  

I gotta be honest with ya, I'm not TOTALLY hating it! 

He always cooks.  He always cleans the house.  He always takes care of the baby, so as not to distract me from work.  He pretty much does it all when it comes to the housework now.  Yes, ladies and gents, he even mops and does windows!  And he actually moves furniture around, whereas I just plowed around it :)

The only thing he doesn't do is GROCERY SHOP by himself.  Why?  Because he REFUSES to use coupons.  Oh, don't get me wrong, he loves loves loves the savings, but for whatever his reason is, he WON'T use a coupon.  He will, however, cut coupons; and that's a HUGE time saver for me!  So, to save argument, since I go balastic now if he pays full price on anything, I still do the grocery shopping; but, he will most certainly tag along and help me.  I think it best this way because I could really picture a scene straight out of the movie "Mr. Mom."  Remember, the grocery store scene?  "Herb, clean up on aisle 4!" CLICK HERE, IT'S FUNNY!

And, speaking of coupons, my savings are greater and greater every two weeks.  I a getting better at it!  I have to thank ALL my wonderful coupon friends on Facebook, plus my own research, PLUS the great companies who send me all the freebies and coupons that make me feel like I'm in LOVE all over again.  I've learned if you jot a simple email to one of your fav companies, 9 times out of 10, you will receive a free coupon for one of their items and perhaps a sample too.  I am loaded down on Tide Pods, Tampax, Ice Tea, and many others for a while.  Couponing has become my addiction, and I am PROUD to use a coupon!

For any newcomers who want to start your "freebie" collection, this is the BEST start:

It had occurred to me that we had NEVER had Destini's pictures taken professionally in the summer.  I mean she is only 2-1/2, but still, no summer pictures.  Hubby was dead set on her new Abby Gaddaby outfit, so we loaded up her bike and other props and went to have a "summer picture" made.  Here are a few: 

AND, she got a new bikini this summer: 

And, of course her DAD bought her the matching Disney Princess floaty, with shade :)