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Saturday, December 31, 2011

SO LONG 2011....WELCOME 2012!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


When I was growing up, we had KMart.  And in my area, we had only 1 Kmart; we called it our "Maryvale KMart."  Which basically means all my MHS (high school) friends shopped there, worked there, grew up around there, too.  As we grew up and more and more stores took over KMart's business, we just pushed our KMart aside.  And just like a loved one, sometimes it's too late to say just how much that KMart meant to us!!

Our "Maryvale KMart" is going OUT OF BUSINESS!  It's a bit like a death in the family; there are so many memories in that store.  In fact, it was my very FIRST job during my junior year in high school (1981).  I worked over the Xmas holiday and I loved it so much, I continued to work there until about April 1982.  But, school, a boyfriend, and your best friends in high school seemed more important to me at that time (as it should be).  My mom and dad NEVER wanted me to take that job, for that very reason right there.  I was missing out on school activities that I loved so much.  I am grateful that I understood what my parents meant by that.  And more importantly, that I had parents who cared enough about my teenage years and that you only get them ONCE IN A LIFETIME.  

A funny memory of my "Maryvale KMart" was no matter how old I was, if I was with mom and we got separated in the store, she was the EASIEST one to find.  I think the hair-do speaks for itself.  Just look up and you'll find her!

So, as I was saying, I learned our KMart was going out of business on the news.  I of course immediately ran to the store (okay okay, I've actually been there a few times).  When I heard the "70-90% off ALL jewelry," that was my mission.  Of course, I didn't stop there.  And believe me, it was hard to go through that entire store in a day, we had to go back!  We had missed an entire section!

So, I thought I would share a few of my goodies.  I have already wrapped some of the gifts for Desi that we got there, so I can't post them yet.  Except for one, which was my BEST deal of our shopping trip:

One pair is diamonds, and the other pair is pink.  You see the price they wanted, but that's NOT the price I paid!  After our discount at the jewelry counter, the total was $20.49.  And Disney too?  It was just meant to be for my Destini! 

 I found myself a couple of cute dresses.  They were originally $34.99.  I paid $7.99 for each!

And probably the BEST gift to myself, and yet another reason why we call it our "Maryvale KMart," was finding that after all these years, our KMart STILL represents our High School!

It's real hard to see on this picture, but just above the "Panthers" (which was our mascot), it says in black lettering "MARYVALE."  The shirt was originally $21.00.  I paid 4.99!! 

But, the memory of high school is sure worth a MILLION dollars!

After I got home, and like I said I got a lot of other goodies that are for Xmas and already wrapped, I was so "happy" about my savings; yet, so "sad" saying goodbye to an OLD SCHOOL FRIEND!