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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As the "13th juror" ( READ HERE ), I DO NOT agree with the verdict in any way, shape or form.  Our justice system failed Caylee.

I guess since the jurors were all in agreement, I would have been the "hold out!"  Maybe even have caused a hung jury and make them start all over again, but I know for damn sure I would NEVER have allowed her to walk.  I do not buy the theory of Caylee drowning while George and Casey were at home and then gave her body to the meter reader guy to dispose of.  I DO NOT buy her molestation charges against her father, George, and brother, Lee.

Speaking of Roy Kronk, the meter reader guy, he was only in it for money after he found little Caylee's remains.  But he didn't murder her and he didn't dispose of her body.

All of Casey's "real" friends and "ex-boyfriends" didn't phase me either.  However, her imaginary friends I found to be VERY disturbing.  Her lies, her deceit, her stealing money from her best friend and her grandparents.

We heard about the family's "dirty laundry."  I didn't really weigh much into that.  We all have some. 

I didn't buy George's mistress saying she loaned him money and that George told her, "it was an accident that snowballed out of control."  However, I DO believe she was his mistress.  She too received money for saying that.

I watched Cindy, Casey mother, lie, perjure and anything else she could do to get her daughter off of death row. 

Honestly, the only person I believed in all of this was Lee, Casey's brother. 

I think the prosecutors did a GREAT job.  I am not sure they could have done anything more, though we know it's hard to prove a circumstantial case.

All during the trial, I really detested Jose Baez, defense attorney; though I DID find his brutal honesty about Casey Anthony to be very refreshing.  After the verdict was read today and Jose came out of the courthouse to speak, I was actually a little impressed that he didn't really want to focus or talk about Casey being found innocent as much as he wanted to talk about little Caylee and that this was really NO WIN for anybody.

I am still proud to be an American, no matter what.  But as a dear friend recently told me when the trial first began, who happens to be in law enforcement, he doesn't have a lot of faith in the "system" any longer. 

Well my old friend, I am going to have to agree with you today.....

R.I.P. Caylee! 

May we find peace one day in knowing what happened to you baby girl.

PS:  Just for the purpose of saying it, I would have voted for Capital First Degree Murder.  Whether or not I would have wanted her sentenced to death, I had not actually made up my mind.  I kept saying to myself, "if she would tell her family the truth, I would spare her death!"  Otherwise, I would have put her on death row! 


  1. i don't believe justice was served either, all we can do is hope and pray that the truth comes out!

  2. That is just unbelievable! We all know she did it and she is not going to pay for what she has done. What a shame! Being a mother of a 4 years old myself I can't imagine a mother doing such a thing. She is a monster!

  3. I was going to be a follower of your blog. Google follower seems to be not working right now. Stop by my blog, www.crazibrain.blogspot.com and remind me and I will come back and follow.
    PS...I love your background.

  4. Watching the verdict this morning felt like I was watching the OJ Simpson trial all over again. I got such a sick feeling in my stomach and was just so disappointed.

    The U.S Supreme Court: Try Casey Anthony in Federal Court
    If this case is brought before the Federal court it will be an exception to double jeopardy and from the moment Casey Anthony lied to the FBI she was in violation of The Martha Stewart law. This is a federal offense and comes with a 5 year sentence for each count. First Degree Murder is also a federal offense! Please we must not let this crime go unpunished. An injustice was committed on July 15th. Sign this petition and give Caylee the justice she deserves.
    Find this petition @ change.org/petitions/the-us-supreme-court-try-casey-anthony-in-federal-court
    Caylee’s Law should reach 1 million signatures by the end of the weekend and with your help taking Casey Anthony to Federal Court will be possible!!!