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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was in the greatest NEED last week for a pedi.  I like to go at least every 2 weeks, but sometimes I stretch it to 3 weeks, if I'm busy and don't get around to it.  But anything after 3 weeks, well that's just plain wrong!!
Though I actually do my best thinking in the shower, I also do a lot of thinking while kicking back getting a pedi (there's only so much fun you can have on your phone before you're bored, am I right?)  A little massage, a little toe and leg pampering, and a thought provoking idea!  So what was on my mind that day you ask? Hamburger buns! 

That's right, hamburger buns!  It was on my mind because it was the last thing I remembered seeing when I left the house, those four lonely hamburger buns that always get thrown away because you only made four hamburgers the day before, or a couple of days before, so they just sit there waiting to mold until they become garbage.  Now don't ask me why don't I feed them to the outdoor birds, because I actually feed the feral cats in my 'hood so if a bird lands in my backyard that would just make me a murderer because the ferals will take a "live" bird over some "dead" tuna any day.  Ya follow? 
So with the hamburger buns so "fresh" on my mind, I said I'm gonna use them suckers today.  But what to do with them that is quick and easy, but yum?  And, I came up with an idea.  (By the way, hubby hates Manwiches, otherwise I would never have a leftover bun!)  So I picked up a small roast, boiled it, shredded it, added a few spices, threw some BBQ sauce in there and now we have us some pulled roast beef samiches!
Needed some kinda side dish, so I went to the deep freezer and pulled out one of my goodies from SCHWANS and decided on the bowtie pasta with corn, peas, shredded carrots.  I always add a little extra frozen corn, just because I love corn! And, hubby was one happy dude!  
Toast your "Buns," it's yummiest that way!!

So you wanna hear a funny story?  Well it was funny to me, you might not think so.  I'm gonna tell it anyway! 

I got up yesterday morning and realized that the home phone wasn't working. No dial tone.  I called the home number from my cell phone and it just rang and rang, but I couldn't hear it from inside the house.  We always have problems with our home phone line when it rains, but it hadn't rained!  I got busy around the house doing chores and with the baby, and of course forgot to call the phone company, Qwest, to find out what the heck? 

Later, much much later in the day, like around 4:30, the home phone rings, but I notice the caller ID isn't working.  I thought hmmm, the phone is fixed and I didn't even have to call them!

I answered the phone, a lady said, "mom?"  I said nope, you have the wrong number.  She said, "so sorry."  No prob. 

Immediately the phone rang again, it was her.  She said, "iiiiiiiz Virginia there?"  I said again, you have the wrong number, I'm sorry.  I went on to explain to her I have had my home phone number for 46 years, my whole entire life, so believe me there is no Virginia here.  She said sorry, again.  No prob.

Immediately the phone rings again.  Now I'm irritated!  My "hello" wasn't quite as pleasant this time, I'm thinking I'm getting Punk'd or something; yet she sounded too old to be playing games on a telephone, not a teenager for sure!  She says to me, "I am sorry but I am confused, my mom's number has been programmed in my cell phone for years."  She tells me the number, which wasn't even close to mine!  I hesitated to give her my phone number at first, but something did seem weird.  So, I told her my home phone number.  Then it hit me, duh, the phone line was down earlier and this must have something to do with that.  I told her about it and we both were wondering if somehow my line is crossed with her mom's line?  

So, while she was on the phone with me, I called My home phone from my cell phone and it didn't come through as a call waiting on the home phone; in fact, no busy signal, just ring, ring, ring, but I can't hear it coming through my home phone.  So, she tells me to call her mother's number from my cell phone and see what happens.  Sure as heck, it rang MY home phone! 

Her and I hang up.  She calls My home phone number and reaches her MOM! 

While she was doing that, I called Qwest to find out what's up?  I got a recording saying there was a cable breakage in our area and that the techs were currently working on the problem. 

She calls me back to tell me she talked to her mom.  Then goes on to tell me that she was a little bit frantic.  She lives in Montana.  Me, Arizona.  Her mom lives just a stones throw away from my home (so I later found out).  Her mom has been ill and she always hears from her every day at 2pm, but didn't hear from her today.  She was worried, understandably.  So I started thinking, "poor thing, she goes to call her mom and instead she finds this strange person (me) answering her mother's phone!" 

Of course we got a good laugh in the end over this, but I can only imagine the thoughts racing through her mind.  That's okay, I've made a new FB friend and a blog follower...HEY A GIRL'S GOTTA NETWORK!

It was a pleasure meeting you, Nicki, and your mom, Virginia! 

PS:  I later talked to her mother, Virginia, myself.  She has this little tiny British accent voice.  She is probably cute as a button!  We both agreed that if either one of gets any messages, we'll be sure to write them down for each other!


  1. Your sandwich looks yummy and that was a pretty strange and funny phone situation. Following you from MBC!
    Feel free to visit me at

  2. Foolowing from MBC. Wow, how strange. At least it ended well though. Oh and the food looks so good, I am going to try this!