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Sunday, June 5, 2011


In the 50s-60s, it was the "smart look" to smoke.

In the 70s, it was "cool" if you smoke.

In the 80s, the Surgeon Generals warnings, some took seriously and quit, some said screw it I love to smoke.

In the 90s, if you smoked, chances are your doctor was not only recommending you stop smoking, but how can I help you to quit smoking.

In the now 21st century, smoking is pretty much a taboo word to your doctor's ears, or in the work place, at a restaurant, a bar, parks, hospital grounds, or anywhere else for that matter; in other words, go smoke at your house. 

Though I am not a smoker, I do live with one.  Mr. C. is only allowed to smoke outside in his "man cave," he cannot smoke in the house or in MY car.  And he's okay with that!  I do know he smokes in HIS truck now and again.  I hate it, but he does it anyway.  It's probably why I don't like getting in his truck much.  It's not a pungent smell, but nonetheless it gives off a smell like old nicotine, his cologne and some type of sugar-free gum! 

My dad was a smoker too.  Growing up, he did smoke in the house.  He also had his favorite ashtray.  Not sure why that one, but we all just knew it was his favorite one.  He had many!!  Dad eventually quit smoking in his mid 40s for health reasons; unfortunately, he gained 125 pounds, which was just as unhealthy as the smoking was.  He couldn't win for losing :/  

Since dad never threw away any of his ashtrays, the hubby inherited an array of different ashtrays from him after he died.  Funny how, without him even knowing it, the one that was dad's favorite instantly seemed to be the one he used all the time! He has several of them sitting around out there, but those are always empty...hmmm!  He cleans it, polishes it, like it's a treasure chest or a magic genie will appear!

He brought the ashtray in the house to wash it, but got sidetracked, and he left it on the counter top for some reason and didn't immediately take it outside. 

Me, multitasking in the kitchen, I set some coupons from the mailbox on top of it and went on about my biz.  I forgot it was under there.  The next morning I went to grab for my coupons and clumsy me, knocked the ashtray off the counter!

I knew hubby would have really been disappointed that this happened, not crazy upset just upset; but ME! I had an instant hot flash, a pit in my stomach,
I was dizzy, my heart was crushed because it was Dad's favorite! 

I wasn't going to throw it away.  I can fix it dude (in my Spicolli voice)!  I will!  I shall!  I must!

I picked up all the pieces I could save and set it outside...
I was going to use the Super Glue, but I thought it best to wait until hubby came home, he might know of something better to use. I held my head in shame as I told him how it happened.  He just shook his head like no biggie, we'll fix it.  

I came in the house to get some work done; real work, I do have an actual job that I work from home doing.

Next thing I know.... 

Lessons learned:
1.  It was important to all three of us!
2.  Super Glue still rocks! 
3.  Oh, and things break!

I still don't condone the nicotine habit!


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