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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's never too soon to say.....SANTA IS COMING!

Thanksgiving was a success!  My tummy is STILL full.  We had good friends and family over for Thanksgiving, and we had a great day!  Though cooking is a week long event, it's so worth it in the end.  Every year I say the same thing after dinner, "I am not cooking again next year!" But, I always do : )

With that said, even before Thanksgiving I am already thinking about....


Since I was a little girl, I would make my "wish list" from our mail order catalogs that mom and dad received  every year.  Mom liked that idea, it gave her a sense of what Judy wants the "most" and wants the "least."  I have to say Christmas has always been special in our house.  Mom and dad always made Christmas the BEST time of year for me.  I hope to pass that down to Destini.  All I want for Christmas is to see her happy, as my parents did for me. 

Well, now times have changed when it comes to shopping.  I still get all the catalogs in the mail, but now we have the beauty of "online shopping."  I like that a lot, but it doesn't totally prevent me from the crowds in the stores, and actually that is still kinda fun too : )

I was thumbing through one of the catalogs I received and I found something that caught my eye and that I had been wanting for a long time.  I thought this is the perfect time this year to buy it and was so excited to call Mr. Camel and tell him that I finally found the one I want.  We could call it my "Christmas present from him."  (Though I would love those Paula Deen or Rachael Ray pots and pans, honey...hint hint Mr. Camel).

Before I knew it, I was ordering and purchasing!  I was so excited about it, until I checked my email the next day and it said, "sorry, this item is on backorder."  And, the shipping date is not expected until Jan. 11, 2011!  Disappointed to say the least, as I really wanted it before Christmas : (  But I'll wait anyway : )


It was my birthday this month!  I am 46 years old.  I'm not ashamed to say it, I don't feel 46!  I think that is in large part due to Destini, who keeps me young mentally and physically!  I woke feeling like just another ordinary day.  I am not "big" on birthday's, it's just a number for me.  Mr. Camel, however, is "BIG" on any kind of holiday!  My day started off like any other day, which he knew it would.  I usually get out of bed between 7-7:30am every morning.  Mostly because one of my cats (Muffy) isn't going to let me sleep any longer than that because her tummy is on "tuna time."  They always get tuna in the mornings!  Then I brew my java for the morning.  By that time, Destini is waking up.  Booty change for Desi, a Sippy cup of milk or juice, and SpongeBob is her routine for the next 30-45 minutes, until breakfast.  That gives Judy some "me time" to check out the world news, celebrity gossip, and of course, Facebookin! When I got to my office with coffee in hand, I find a little sumpin sumpin on my keyboard....

Hmmmm...FOR ME? What could it be....

My Zodiac... Sagittarius!!!!


But, the BEST part of my birthday was later in the day when Mr. Camel texted me a picture of a little girls piano at one of his customer's house!  Why you ask?  Well, it just so happens we had decided to get Destini this particular piano for Christmas that I found online.  When he texted me this picture, I seriously think I passed out for a minute.  It was so incredibly close to the one we were going to purchase, and this nice lady told Mr. Camel, "take it, it's yours!" SAY WHAT?  These are not cheap!  Just so you get an idea of the one we were going to buy and the one we actually got, I have a pic for ya: 

The one we were going to buy

Baby Gaga's piano!

Cousin Semaj is teachin...
All I can say is, "THANK YOU nice customer lady for bringing a smile to my face on my birthday!"

So, since she now has a piano we had to decide about Christmas again.  We decided on a BIG TOY BOX, but don't tell Destini....shhhhhh, she hasn't given Santa her list yet!  I am looking for a "princess" type toy box, which I am sure I will find.  I am a woman on a mission!

Thanksgiving weekend, my sister-in-law, Yolanda, was having one of her best friends from Pasadena coming out to visit with her hubby.  I was excited to meet Dale.  I have heard about her for the last 13 years! Though, I have been to Pasadena many times, I had yet to meet one of her "school friends."

SIDEBAR:  Yolanda is actually my husband's sister-in-law, thereby making her my sister-in-law.  Yolanda is my husband's brother's (Jermaine) ex.  They have a child together, Semaj.  I met Yolanda at the first family function that hubby took me to, which was in fact our very first date!  We had an instant connection for some reason and have been inseparable since that time.  Unfortunately, Jermaine has, shall we say "lost his way" in life and has had many problems and issues; that, I myself, believe in him and pray that he will find his way back one day.  I love Jermaine, but I love Yolanda and Semaj more!  I have helped Yolanda raise Semaj since he was not even quite 2 years old at the time.  Her and Semaj moved into my home early on (NO, I DID NOT LET JUNEBUG MOVE IN)!  It would have been easy for Yolanda to just move back to Pasadena to be near her own family, but she stuck it out, got her an excellent job, and made herself a home here in Phoenix.  Since I worked from home, I took care of Semaj while she worked.  Sometimes, if I had things to do, he would go to daycare, maybe 4-6 days a month...LOL!  My husband is also from Pasadena and he grew up around Yolanda and her family.  I have traveled a many of the I-10 freeway to California to spend time with Yolanda's family.  Her family became my family, especially her mom, Paulette (I call her P. Diddy).  Her family moved from Pasadena to Palmdale, so I really didn't get to meet many of Yolanda's friends from Pasadena, only the ones from Palmdale.  P. Diddy was my "road dog."  I have had a lot of fun times with her!  She was the "cool" mom every kid wanted.  Whereas my mom was the "Leave It To Beaver" type mom.  I remember saying to Yolanda once that how fun for her to have a mom who refuses to grow old.  Yolanda said to me, "not really."  It's funny how we idolize one persons mom and they are idolizing yours.  Yolanda had a deep connection with my mom, and she loved the "traditional" in my mom. 

ME AND YO (1998)
P. Diddy, unfortunately, fell into a coma 3 years ago after having a stroke at home by herself.  Due to the lack of oxygen to her brain for so long, it left her comatose.  Though P. Diddy is still alive, well her heart is still pumping anyway, I know that this is NOT "living" for her.  However, Yolanda's father is STILL not ready to make final decisions and for that, we have to respect it. 

The next year, when my mother was terminal, Yolanda immediately left her job, her and Semaj moved in with me, and she stayed by mom's side day and night until her last breath!

Yolanda is more of a sister to me than my own sister.  I am not saying that to be hurtful to my sister, it's just a true fact!  My sister didn't even spend day and night with my mother, nor did my brother come home!

So, that's the story of Yolanda and Semaj....thought I needed to share that before I proceeded!  Here's a little slide show of Semaj, me, and Yo..

So, as I was saying, I finally was going to be meeting one of Yolanda's school friends; and that was exciting for her that Dale was coming to Phoenix, and I was excited for her! 

Dale and Yo....throwback!

Dale and Yo....TODAY!

Dale and her hubby, Paul!
Dale, me, and Desi!
We had a fabulous time at dinner with Dale and Paul.  It was a pleasure meeting them.  GOOD PEEPS!
Looking forward to their next visit.  I think we have made tentative plans for a trip to the Grand Canyon on their next visit here....FUN!

Well, to wrap up our weekend, Mr. Camel has opened the sheds and released the Christmas "Clark W. Griswold" in him!  Our house will no doubt be the brightest on the block.  What's awesome is it has remote control to all the lights so I can shut him down when he won't stop fidgeting with it.  He is already on day 2 as of this morning!  I love him at Christmas more than ever!



Stay tuned for my next blog, hopefully Clark (I mean Bug) will have the whole house done by then!

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