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Monday, November 15, 2010


Mom always said, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it."  During the summer months, I was so slow with work that I really just got to be a full-time mom, cook, clean, all those good housewifely duty things.  Now that I am working for Emory in Atlanta...fuhgettaboutit! 

My house is upside down, the baby thinks "mama" is Dora The Explorer because she's now a Nickelodeon baby.  Me cooking is out of the question lately and she has become a fan of Mac n Cheese and Spaghetti-Os....(hanging my head in shame, *guilt*).  I am happy and blessed to be working.  It's challenging (right now) because Emory University is certainly a whole lot bigger than Cigna Health Care Systems.  However, my home is suffering.  No dinner for hubby when he gets home these days.  He has been doing all the cooking lately, or we just eat out (a lot).  I actually found a cobweb hanging off my grandfather clock this week, ok, now that's bad!  I took the time this last Friday to at least do some light cleaning around here; that means I cleaned the cobweb...LOL!  Don't judge me....

Today, while I am blogging, I am doing about 10 loads of laundry!  My sister-in-law, Yolanda, who was here yesterday, said to me, "I don't feel sorry for you because you have a washing machine and a dryer at your fingertips."  True that, but I'M BUSY......prolly facebookin, LOL!  No, honestly, I haven't been facebooking nearly as much as I used to be able to, just like not keeping up with my blogging.  I work nights and for some reason, it feels like there are just not enough hours in the morning before I have to sign on to work to get everything done.  By no means am I lazy I just need a couple more hours in the morning but somehow, without having to get up earlier?!

Lately, this is really all Bug gets to see of me.  I guess that's why he took the picture, to remember me by.  Most nights, by the time I finish working, he is already in bed snoring.  So usually every night he just sits behind me in my office watching me work, for about an hour....oh NOT to watch me, what I meant to say is sit in the massage chair that sits behind my desk and get a massage for an hour until he falls asleep and starts snoring, and then I kick him out!!!!

We finally got Destini's pictures back from Olan Mills.  Though I was highly pissed off that day at Olan Mills since we had a 3 oclock appt and we didn't get her pics taken until 5:30, I am always happy with the quality that we get from their photographs.  Thank the Lord in heaven that Destini is such a good baby and, very patient that day!  Here are a few of my favs:  

                                  I know......SHE'S SO DARN CUTE!!!!!

Speaking of Destini, she is a BOTTLE-FREE BABY!  She is a big girl and takes only a Sippy Cup!  Yeah for you baby!  Now the pacifier, that will be a whole different ball game around here....she may graduate from college with one in her mouth.....just sayin.

AND, still speaking of Destini, AND because I am so behind in blogging, I have yet blogged about her Halloween costume.  We decided to stay home and let her pass out candy instead of take her trick or treating.  She is after all only 1 years old and me and Bug would just end up eating a bunch of junky candy that neither of us need anyway, not to mention we had plenty of our own leftover candy as we really didn't have too many kids this year  :/  So baby girl sat outside with big daddy (as I had to work) with their pumpkin and candies!

Here's some pics of our little lion......



The beauty of working at home is getting to watch my fav TV shows when I want to!  I am totally in to the Apprentice, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, 16 and pregnant, Meet the Browns, Dateline, 48-hours Mystery, and always, always, always Dr. Phil.  So for all you Dr. Phil haters out there, DO NOT COMMENT.  If you don't have anything nice to say about Dr. Phil, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!  For those of you that watch like myself, read on....

Okay, I am really into the Dr. Phil Housewives saga.  I find each and every one of these ladies fasciniting in their own unique way.  They are all complete opposites with one common denominator...ISSUES!  That's why it's relateable.  Don't we all have issues or an issue, or have had to deal with an issue at some time in our life?  How we work it out is another story.  (Sidebar:  Not all of them are married, it's just called Dr. Phil's housewives).  I have a strong dislike for one of the ladies, she's incredibly arrogant.  I have one that I like best.  One that is so reserved that I don't know what she wants.  And one that thinks she is way hoter than she is, and baby, that's prolly why you aren't married yet at 35!  And then there is one who I am crazy about her and not crazy about her, she's workin my emotions.  Lastly, one of them is killing me with the pity party....enough already, shit or get off the pot.  I'm just sayin!

Since I won't reveal who is who, maybe you should tune in and figure out for yourself which one belongs with what personality.  If you watch already, then it should be a no-brainer by my descriptions above for you who is who.  Here are the ladies I am following regularly on Tuesday nights on the Dr. Phil show....

All last week, some friends and I were planning a surprise for my GF Maria for her birthday.  Well, it was actually her hubby, John, who created the idea and started it off for us ladies to run with.  And, it was also John's wonderful idea that we should do it at Turf Paradise this past Sunday.  The horses were sooooo beautiful!  I am not into the racing for the one reason that happened while we were there.  I believe it was the second or third to the last race that one of the horses broke his leg.  That's not a pretty site to see when you love animals so much. 

And as hard of a time as I had with it, my GF Maia had a much worse time handling it.  

Well, besides that, it was a beautiful day, and, as I said, the horses were stunning to watch and look at their beauty and grace.

And, we accomplished what we set out to do.  We SURPRISED Maria! 

Junebug played photographer and said to me on the way home, "I am so happy to see you happy and it watch you spend the day with such good friends."  He and John really did let us girlzzzz just do our thang without so much as a peep or squaller out of either one of them.  Those two are some DARN GOOD MEN!!!  I had a great day with my gals and can't wait to see them again for our next round....

                                            Maia, Maryann, Katie, Maria, and Me
                                                       I love these gals!!!!!


My sister-in-law came to babysit Destini while we were at Turf Paradise.  I thank her so much for that as that was really the first day away from Destini for me in 5 months, and she made it easier on me knowing she was here to watch her. 

With that said, this morning she has been threatened by me with acts of physical violence against her if she EVER GIVES MY HUSBAND ANOTHER PIECE OF GUM!  As she was leaving our home last night, she takes out some gum from her purse and politely asks if anyone wants some.  Hubby for sure did.  Ok, no problem there.  My husband can, after all, "walk and chew gum" at the same time.  What my husband CANNOT do however is, "sleep and chew gum."  He's still smackin that gum when he went to bed last night, apparently.  This morning I found his gum....



They are both damn lucky it didn't get on my sheets or my goose down comforter, or worse, IN MY HAIR!!!  I love him, I swear I do!

So, were heading on to the next holiday for us this month.  Thanksgiving. 


Chicken & Dumplings
Stuffing (dressing)
Mashed potatoes & gravy
green beans
pea salad
homemade rolls
cranberry sauce
pumpkin pie
coconut cake
coconut pie
fruit salad (my Aunt Lois's recipe)

I can't wait to smell the house when it's cooking.  Lord, thank you for your blessings you have given to me! I was careful what I wished for....AND I GOT IT!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


  1. Someday I hope to meet the Phoenix mafia, but 'til then know I enjoy reading what you write as well as appreciate your friendship. Be good to yourself!

  2. Great post Judy! I too LOVE The Dr. Phil Housewives! :)