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Friday, October 29, 2010


ROAD TRIP!!!!!!  WOO-HOO!!!!!!  Okay, so Queen Creek is only about an hour and 15 minutes from my house, but to me (I'm an indoor gal as you know)...that was a ROAD TRIP!!!!!  Junebug laughed at me as I was packing stuff for the baby to take on our day outing to the farm.  Yeah, it was kinda funny; but you NEVER know and a mom MUST always be prepared!

Somone thought she was gonna do the driving there

So the truck is packed and we are ready to go.  My sister in law, Yolanda, went with us, as did some friends of ours, Marcus and Maeloni.  Yolanda rode with us, because, quite naturally, she wants to be wherever Destini is....WHAT A SHOCK!  Marcus and Maeloni followed along with us in their car, and me feeling confident in Bug's driving skills and directions, as he drives to Queen Creek probably once a week, I knew we were in good hands.   Wellllllll......maybe not:

In the truck, he has a GPS...check!  Both of our phones have GPS...check!  We actually have no problem getting to Queen Creek, however the GPS hasn't a clue where Schnepf Farms is located once you get to Queen Creek.  I won't go into a whole lot of detail, but it was comical and it finally took for us to call the farm and talk us there....

Once there (we had bought our tickets in advance which were $12 dollars each).  It seemed like a fair price to me, wellllll before we got there anyway.  I really wasn't as impressed with Schnepf Farms as I thought I would be.  Also, it didn't help that I picked a Sunday when it was 98 degrees outside.  It was quite hot, sticky, and STINKY from the animals.  Regardless, we made a day of it and made sure it was about making memories for Destini.  Next year, however, we are open to any and all suggestions if you know of a great pumpkin patch outside of Phx to go to. 


Since it didn't seem very "appetitizing" eating out at the Farm, we decided to come back into Phoenix and go out to an early dinner.  Hot wings were on everybody's mind, so we decided to go, where else?  PULLANO's!  If you live in the Valley, I encourage you to make Pullano's a restaurant of choice.   Not only are their hot wings to die for, but their entire menu is SUPERB.  Anything you order Italian, I promise you won't regret. 
As we were being seated and getting settled, I hear "Judy"...."Judy".  It was so crowded so I was looking around, and lo and behold......


I told you John, you can run but you can't hide from me....I'll always be one step behind you....LOL!!  What a great surprise that they were there!    

Sidebar:  I am so far behind in my blogging, be kind...I am gonna catch up I promise!


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