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Monday, September 6, 2010



It's September already?  Christmas is right around the corner!!! 

Hmmmmm..why do we always say in September...."Christmas is right around the corner?"  We seem to skip right over Halloween and Thanksgiving, or at least until they start creeping up on us.  And with all else, Destini is about to be 1 years old on October 3.  WOW!  I have been planning for her party.  Though it should be a happy day, and of course I will make it a happy day for her, it will come with some family drama on my husband's side of the family.  I will smile, however, for Destini ☺☺ 

Regardless, I am always planning for X-mas time once September hits! 

My mom's birthday was September 1, she would have been 77.  I miss her so much.  She would have wanted to go to Garcia's for dinner and have a little cake and ice cream later.  Me, my sister, and my brother would have each bought her something for her birthday, only to find it some months later in a drawer, a closet or her jewelry box...LoL!  She pretended like she didn't want you to make a fuss over her, but secretly she did!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM♥ 

Last week I received some beautiful flowers delivered at my door step.  They were from one of the most kind-hearted people I know.  I am not even sure I am "worthy" to know him let alone be so "worthy" of receiving these flowers.  We have been neighbors for 40 years.  He, however, has moved away, though his mother still lives down the street from me.  We of course reconnected through the great powers of Facebook, and we've had some wonderful conversations and a lot of sharing our lives throughout the years.  Again, I just don't know what I did to deserve these beautiful flowers, but this HUGE act of kindness made my day...hell, it made my week!!  Thank you again Mr. Mike Avina, you are so wonderful

The second act of kindness last week was when hubby thought it would be a great idea to have our very own massage chair right at our fingertips.  He was 100% RIGHT!!  He tried it out first and said, "honey, this must be what crack is like to an addict."  Next, my turn!  Oh, my...."feels like a little piece of heaven!"  Then, it was Destini's turn...all we got was pure silence out of her, so we assume that she loved it too ☺  What do you guys think, pretty kicked back if I do say so myself...

Well, the bad part of last week was that someone got into our backyard and into our deep freezer and stole about $100 worth of meat.  I am not sure we would have really noticed it gone until hubby was in the backyard grilling and he went out to the alley to the garbage can and he saw a bunch of meat just thrown into the alley.  He came and got me (since I do the grocery shopping and all and he wasn't sure if it was ours or not), and....holy crap, IT WAS OURS!  Why did they just throw it and not take it?  That's our mind-boggling question.  Was it random?  Do they know us?  Did someone do it just to be mean?  It would seem to me that if you went through the trouble to steal it, you would take it home.  Regardless, Bug put it all in the garbage and locked up the back fence and the freezer.  It's not losing the meat that bothers me, it's about someone being in MY backyard.  Hubby has his "man cave" back there too, there was lots of stereo equipment, a big TV, DVD, and Playstation that they could have taken if it was a random act.  Hmmmm..

Well, I know it's been a while since you guys have heard me talk about the infertility process and trying to conceive.  Last month, we decided to stop the process.  The biggest part of our decision was of course DESTINI.  Her mother has finally given us "custodial power of attorney" of Destini.  That is not to say that she could not still take her away if she wanted to, but we are just hoping and praying that she has realized that our home is what is best for Destini to be raised.  Destini fulfills everything inside of me as a "mom."  Bug and I couldn't love her more if she were our own.  I think everybody knows that.  We are hoping that her mother has made these decisions based on trying to get her own life straightened out and knowing that Destini is well cared for in a loving environment.  However, we are always "on guard" in our minds; but not our hearts.  We won't be prepared if she comes and takes her away again.  I realized in this infertility process that my age is more of a factor than I thought I would let it be.  I also figured out that I really just want to be with Destini.  I am hoping this is God's way and that it was still "destined" to be her.  If not, I guess I will go back to therapy...SERIOUSLY!

Sooooooo, speaking of the little one.....Have I mentioned how much we love her?  Have I mentioned how much she changed our life in just a short year?  I'd do it all over again for her.  I love you baby girl and when I look at your face I just feel like X-mas is every day for me.  When you laugh, it's like I heard a child laugh for the first time...

Before Desi was born and we were fixing up her room, I had found my kitty-kitty that I used to play with when I was a baby.  Very old-fashioned as kitty-kitty is, I still cleaned him up and put him in Desi's room.  He has always sat on the second shelf of her changing table.  Now that she can "get around" and "stand up," she discovered kitty-kitty. 

She stood on her tippy-toes trying to reach for him, looking back at me, looking back at kitty-kitty, UNTIL..... 

I moved her Bible over, maybe she will reach for that next...Let Us Pray!

RECIPES, RECIPES, RECIPES!!!!! Okay, friends and family I am looking for some recipes, anything from baking goodies or breads to side dishes to full blown meals.  Challenge me, I'm up for something new.  I will make it and post it on my blog, giving you FULL CREDIT of course.  PS:  No seafood, not a fan! 

SIDEBAR:  We saw "Date Night" last night.  Funny movie, would highly recommend!!  Thank you Donna for the suggestion, much appreciated. 

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