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Monday, July 26, 2010


I hate summer, I hate summer, I hate summer.....Did I mention how I hate summer? It takes every ounce of energy I have to go outside during the summer. That is why my car has hardly any miles on it...

I have the summertime blues. Don't know what kinda pick-me-up I need, maybe some vitamin B12 shots would help out. I think I will ask my doctor for sure.  This heat will suck the life right out of you!

On top of that, it doesn't help that Mr. Camel and I are CRANKY because the baby is CRANKY.  This is the first time she has ever been cranky so we really shouldn't complain I suppose, but I'm gonna anyway...

She has had fever this week, only one day of fever, we managed to "nip it in the bud" real quick like.  She is teething, so of course to be expected.  But she has been so whiny and so miserable this week, especially you know say right at around 2am....LUCKY US!  We both get up, because believe me it takes both of us to get the job done to calm her down.  Lately she don't want to wait one second for a ba-ba.  She wants it NOW...NO I MEAN NOW!!!!!  She will make herself sick from screaming so loud that she will almost throw up!!  This is a new 'tude, but hopefully one that won't be staying around long.  And speaking of her bad 'tude....

This weekend we had a friend over for dinner, Tony.  I haven't seen him for a couple of years now, a shame we don't make more time for each other.  I made Italian for dinner.  I was so excited to see him that I only took a picture of the appetizer, my bruschetta:

So anyhoo, when Tony arrived for din-din, Destini was still a happy baby.  By the time dinner started, she was screaming at the top of her lungs for the next half hour straight!! 

I have no pictures whatsoever to show you of Tony coming over for dinner, because between cranky Destini and needing to hurry with dinner, I didn't really think about picture taking.  But, we are going to have dinner with him again this weekend so I will certainly get pictures this time...FOR SURE!  We still had a great time after the baby went to bed.  Lots of laughs, a few tears, just what we ALL could use these days...

I have known Tony for 28 years.  I am a couple of years older than him.  We didn't really meet in high school actually, although we did go to the same high school.  We actually met at our job, a retail store called LaBelle's, later named BEST Company.  We had a blast at that job, especially at Xmas time.  He was almost 16, I was almost 18.  We didn't hit it off right away, but during the Xmas season him and I were the "chosen" to work the customer service desk together; that's cuz we waz real smart n all...LOL!  This is where our friendship began..

After about a year there, we both quit our jobs and moved on to U-Haul where we worked for years and years together in accounts payable, the night shift.  We have watched each other go through an awful lot over 28 years.  We have traveled many places, seen lots of things together.  I think I have vacationed with him more than anybody else in my life.  Probably our best vaca was a trip to California when we stayed at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel: 
We shopped on Rodeo Drive until we were broke!  We also rented a limo for a day and our driver took us anywhere and everywhere through the hills of Hollywood, but most importantly he took us to Lucille Ball's home:

I wanted to ring the door bell, but I was too dang scared.

Now I don't want ya'll to get the idea that we were hanky-pankyin.  It wasn't that type of party, if you get my drift.  Tony is a PROUD gay man, and I am PROUD of Tony.  He calls me his, "hag."  And I'm proud to be his "hag." Gay men make the bestest girlfriends!

Tony and I go as far back as standing in line at Dillards at Park Central Mall to buy the first ever "Guess" T-shirts.  Lordy Jesus, I'm old!  I still have mine.  I don't wear it anymore, I retired it years ago to the back of the closet.  I pulled it out to take a pic for ya...NOT even so much as a hole in sight of my FIRST Guess shirt after 25+ years:

Tony has a picture of my second Guess T-shirt I bought.  And he STILL keeps it up at his house.  How 80s is this: 

My mother and father thought the world of Tony.  I hope he will always remember that.  He had a very special bond with my mom....he NEVER forgot her birthday, every year she would receive something in the mail and a quick phone call.  Friends like Tony are PRICELESS!  I love him beyond words...

Well with cranky baby and sleep deprivation, I have not been able to finish my book (Firefly Lane).  One thing I remember about book reading is that I really like to finish a book and NOT have to set it down for days on end.  That's frustrating to me.  I have formed somewhat of an opinion so far, but I really think I will wait until I finish to give my full review.  Since this is my first time at raising a child, I guess I am getting ALL the "mommy lessons" like everybody else did.  I am good at multi-tasking, but multi-tasking with a child is sooooooo way different than my old multi-tasking used to be.  Up until last week, she was just crawling around a room.  Overnight she learned that she can actually get farther if she just keeps going:


I HATE BUGS, SPIDERS AND SNAKES!!  This week I was going outside to my backyard and was greeted at the door with this THING....

I didn't take after pics of his brutal death, but it wasn't pretty.  He went down with a fight!


August 1 starts Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  I guess if there is one thing about summer I like it is shark week....


Okay, Okay, there are 2 things I like about summer actually.  The second is Big Brother House reality TV show.  Cast of Season 12:

Synopsis:  Big Brother is a reality television show in which a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by television cameras. Each series lasts for around three months, and there are usually fewer than 15 participants. The housemates try to win a cash prize by avoiding periodic evictions from the house.  I have watched every season except one.  I find that the winner's quality seems to be INTELLIGENCE and ENDURANCE, that always prevails in the end.  Last person standing in the house wins a half a mil.....May the BEST MAN OR WOMAN WIN!  Here is my pick for season 12 winner:

Matt's got it goin on!


I thought I knew everything there was to know about my husband.  I learned wrong this week!  During one of our late nights "up with the baby," we started channel surfin and found the only thing on cable worth watching was "The Color Purple."  It had just started too.  Not even 5 minutes into the movie, Mr. Camel starts askin me questions as if he had never seen the movie before or something.  I was sure we had watched this movie before together, I know I have watched it with so many people and all by my lonesome too.  Hell, I own the movie, not only VHS but disk as well.  He says to me, "I'VE NEVER SEEN IT."  WTFreak?????

We stayed up and watched every single piece of this movie.  HE LOVED IT!  Of course he did, right?  He is ready to watch it again this weekend!!  Of course he is, right?

This movie is a lot for me to deal with.  This movie was my Aunt Lois's favorite movie.  My mom loved this movie as well, and they would watch it every time they got together; but I have to say my mom's favorite movie was still "Gone With The Wind," which I own this too of course.  Right before my aunt became ill, she came to stay a weekend with us and I sent home my VHS version of the movie The Color Purple for her to watch.  She would call my mom and tell her that she watched it back to back to back to back, she never tired of watching it. 

If you have seen the movie, you know this movie is about a "sister bond" that is unbreakable.  That was my mom and her sister (my Aunt Lois).  After my Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, she moved in with her daughter who played the movie for her still.  The last words my Aunt spoke to my mother before she passed was, "I will be waiting at the fence for you."  Mom knew what she meant by that..

AND...since I don't want to leave this on a sad note, I threw in another video of the one and only "soul sister," who didn't take Nettie's place in Miss Celie's heart all those years, but certainly they too shared a "sister bond."

Good Night...

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  1. I've only seen parts of it, but never the entire movie myself. I really want to & will one of these days! I didn't know about the sister bond thing, I will definitely see it now! I love movies that are my connection to people I love and have lost. The last movie I saw with my sister was The Family Man (with Nicholas Cage) I watch it every Christmas time & sometimes just when I feel like it! Thanks for sharing about one of your favorites. <3