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Tuesday, July 6, 2010



It's true what they say, a daughter will grow up and mirror things her mama did.  My mom was a "brand name" woman.  It really didn't matter what the product was, could be anything from detergent to canned vegetables to toilet paper.  Yes...toilet paper!  Tide, Del Monte, and Charmin lived in our house at all times!

Not much has changed since mom passed.  I carry on that same tradition.  I've tried other things, but MOM WAS RIGHT, as usual. 

Here are a few for me that are a MUST, no exceptions:  Charmin, Del Monte veggies, Kraft Mac N Cheese, Snuggle softener, Bounty paper towels, Dawn dish soap, Shamrock products, and especially Tide detergent.  Look I can compromise on some things at the grocery store, but these are a must-have for me.

Last week I was at Walmart.  I don't grocery shop at Walmart, but I do go there for household products and little things that I may need.  I was in the detergent aisle picking up my usual Tide.  I started making my way down the aisle when this sweet-smellin lil old lady says to me, "now honey, I don't mean to be watching you, but that Tide is expensive and there is somethin else cheaper over here that will do the job just as good as your Tide will."  With nail biting and lip curling I said, "Wow I have tried a lot of things in the past and just nothing compares to my Tide."  She said, "honey, trust me, that Purex over there will clean your clothes just as good as that Tide will for a third of the price."  My OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) kicked in.  I think I was breaking out in a sweat.  I,however, in no way wanted to hurt her feelings and I felt so incredibly obligated to buy the Purex.  I took the Tide out of the cart and put it back.  I picked up the Purex and put it in my cart.  I thought to myself that I could just walk away and come right back to the aisle and get my Tide without her even knowing it, that way no harm no foul.  Right?  Then an over-thought on my part said but wait, what if she sees you in line paying without the Purex in the cart.  I could already picture her sad face saying, "honey, where's your Purex?"  Damn it!  I reluctantly bought the Purex.  Well, now that I bought it I guess I will try 1 load, just 1 load of laundry to prove her wrong!  I did a load of laundry.  Is is better, the same, worse?  I dunno...

Regardless, I went back to my Tide.... But I made a lil old lady happy, bless her heart ♥


Since the start of the invitro process, I've been working hard on my 3 assignments.  First, the physical exercise and mental exercise (freeing myself of mental stressors) aspect...so far so good.  It's ashame it took an invitro process to pull out these wonderful things that we should incorporate in our lives to begin with.  Exercise is HARD work.  Releasing stress from your life is even HARDER.  I mentioned previously that it would affect others, some in a positive way, others in a negative way.  Not everyone wishes you the "best out of life," especially if their life is in ruins.  Understandbly so, some people would rather fake it than make it.  But when the fakeness wears off, the ugliness was there the whole time.  I guess for me it was Eyes Wide Shut!  So....now that I have dealt with those issues, I'm feeling a real positive energy. 

Now for the HARDEST part!  Changing your eating habits!  This is most difficult for me because I am such a picky picky eater to begin with.  I was raised on meat and potatoes.  Key word, MEAT!  The only good thing going for me was the fact that with any meal we had growing up, didn't matter if it was a darn peanut butter sandwich, mom was going to make SALAD too!  We grew up on salads in this house!  I am grateful for my love of veggies.  So not only was this going to be a challenge for such a picky eater, who by the way DOES NOT eat seafood at all, not fish, not nothing from the ocean; but also a challenge in cooking differently too.  Plus, I still have to feed "big daddy" and he ain't tryin to diet any time soon either.  I've been searching cookbook after cookbook for lite and easy meals, yet filling. 

I broke out the "indoor" grilling pan (a cooks BFF).  I am not sure if you can use one of these on an electric stove, but if you have a gas stove, your home should not be without one of these puppies here...

While waiting for the chicken and shrimp to grill, I threw together a little cold bow-tie pasta salad.  The bow-tie pasta comes from Schwan's and then I just add a few more things to it.  All together it has bow-tie pasta, thin sliced carrot, green peas, thin sliced red pepper, and corn.  I added an English cucumber, some tomato, a bit of sliced-thin purple onion, and Italian dressing.  Tossed all together. REFRIGERATE!  When serving, I pulled out some Romaine lettuce leaves and served the pasta salad on top.  Good stuff mainard!

                 The end result....shrimp kabobs for him and chicken for me!

                                                       Just add fruit!


For privacy reasons, we won't say a lot of detail here.  But I did want to share with everyone that Desi is here.  We are enjoying every single solitary minute with her since she has been here.  Junebug took 5 days off from work!!!  He finally went back to work today.  We just cannot get enough of her, and that is really an understatement.  We are so happy to have her and will continue to enjoy our time with her for as long as she is here and, hopefully, for all the future to come.  Just thought I'd share some fun pics we have snapped over the last few days of her, as well as a little video....



  1. Ok I can vouch for the Purex! Somehow I think I changed from Tide powder, to liquid, to Purex also. Still use it today. I'll have the shrimp! please..............and Desi is absolutely adorable. mm

  2. I say... I agree with the lil old lady. Buy the cheap stuff, then you have alittle extra to buy new shoes!!!!