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Monday, June 7, 2010


They say what you do for a living says a lot about you. Thirty-five years ago, I wanted to be a cashier; thirty years ago, I wanted to be an accountant; twenty years ago, I wanted to be a sociologist; fifteen years ago, I found my career...

I am a medical transcriptionist. I love, love, love my job. It's helping others in a HUGE way , just behind the scene so to speak. I work from home, soooooo even better! Although we have a 4 bdrm home, I pretty much only take up one room for 14 hours a day....MY OFFICE. Ohhhh, NO I don't work that many hours a day but I sure sit behind this computer that many hours a day, with a whole lotttta multitasking in-between of course. I recently did some remodeling of sorts in my office, figured it was time to have a more "refreshed" look than the old look.

Getting glasses at 45 years old for realzzzz this time, not just because we were kids and it looked cool! Am I really getting older or are my eyeballs just getting older? I still feel like the little girl tumbling down the hallway on her way to the kitchen to play jacks. I don't consider myself to be a vain girl, by no means. So, it's not a vanity issue. I do, however, associate getting glasses with old age. With age comes wisdom, THAT'S A FACT, but I am "good" right where I am in my life right now, why mess it up with glasses? I'm adjusting, can u tell?

I love cookies, especially a chocolate chip cookie with walnuts. You want a "GOOD" cookie if you're a cookie connoisseur. I'm gonna tell ya the secret of a good cookie, it really isn't brain surgery. I am a little like Sandra Lee from the Food Network, you REALLY can take simple grocery store items and turn them into gourmet, or a little alteration of a simple recipe can make all the difference in taste. Do not beat your head up against the wall about where do I find the best cookie recipe. It's simply right on the back on your Nestle Toll House package, WITH ONE EXCEPTION. When the recipe calls for butter, substitute for Crisco Butter shortening. It will change your world, I promise you. Your cookie will not spread during cooking, it will rise and be fluffy and oooeee, gooeee delicious...By the way, this works for ANY cookie recipe you already have on hand at home - be it a sugar cookie, peanut butter, etc., whateva ya pleasha.
Winter flew right on by. Then, Spring was all a blur for me as I spent the majority of it "doped up" on allergy medication. This was (no for real) the WORST allergy and asthma season ever in Phoenix, Arizona! I never went through so much as I did this past Spring with my allergies!!!! Now, here we are and it's full-blown summer. We didn't even get a beginning of the summer, we went straight into HOT AS HELL at 110 degrees the first week of June. I barely go outdoors now, but one of the requirements of the infertility process is that ugly word "EXERCISE." I totally understand the concept they are telling me about being in better shape for pregnancy and carrying a baby. I promised my doctor I was going to start being more physically active outside of the home, this means either joining a gym or walking the streets like a prostitute. Around these parts, at 7am it's already HOT outside. So, I am gonna work on getting up at 6am to exercise and get my behind home before 7am. Thank God in the heavens above that my sister, right across the street, has a huuuuuge pool awaiting! WISH ME LUCK!

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  1. It's nice to see a few words from you that haven't suffered from a character count, nicer to get to 'know you' a little better in the bargain. Luck my friend, in all you do.