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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's been a while since I've blogged.  Mostly because I had so little time in my mornings, afternoons, and nights to do so.  But as you can see, that has all changed as of today!  July 27, 2016.  The day I said "Take This Job And Shove It."

Okay, I didn't say it quite like that.  I went out with dignity and grace.  Yes, I said grace.  I have it in me, it's somewhere in my pinkie toes.

After 24 years at my career, it was time to go.  Not because they wanted me to, but because at some point in your life your priorities change, and sometimes they change real BIG.

It was easy typing my resignation.  I was so comfortable doing it.  The words just flew off my fingertips.  However, when it came time to hit that "send" button in an email to my boss, it took about 3 hours for me to come to grips with it.  Nerves shaking, knees knocking, heart pounding, rubbing my forehead and temples.  Then, I looked over at my 6-year-old daughter and I remembered why I was doing it.

We decided to take our daughter out of public school this year and give her a fighting chance at a better education with a private special education tutoring program.  Our daughter has "special needs," and the most important thing in our world is that she gets a chance at the BEST education that we can provide for her, and public school was NOT it.  She will now be doing virtual learning with a special education teacher, which means that will require a lot of home schooling.  That's where I come in.  I will help tutor our daughter alongside with her teacher.  It will be a team effort.  I am really looking forward to this, and yet I know the HUGE challenges I am facing.  Let me be clear.  I am NOT a teacher.  This is new for me.  I am learning as I go, without pay!

Another reason I retired from my job was about taking care of MY needs for a change, mostly my health.  After I turned 50, my body started falling apart at a high rate of speed.  It had been whispering in my ear for a while to slow down, but I tuned it out.  I know now that I should have turned up the volume and listened more closely.

I didn't leave my job "out of the blue."  This took a lot of planning on my part.  Paying off bills.  Paying off our vehicles.  I wanted to lighten the burden that my husband will now carry on his shoulders all by himself.  I couldn't do this without him.  He made this possible for me to be with our daughter, and I am so grateful. 

I am not sure how I feel yet about the word "retired."  Today I feel "free," like a prisoner from a jail cell after years of being on a chain gang.  I've sat chained to a chair and a desk for 24 years staring at a monitor doing the same thing day after day.  Don't misunderstand, I loved my job.  I took so much pride in my job.  Chances are your medical record has my signature on it somewhere.  I've been so lucky to work all around the United States for so many different hospitals and clinics, in all medical fields.  I have met some of the greatest people and some of the kindest people you could ever come across.  I am so lucky.  But my time is up, dolls.

So goodbye workforce; HELLO domestic goddess!!  Damn, now my husband is going to want me to cook more. Maybe I didn't think this all the way through.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I've been blessed in so many ways in my life, and I've also had many struggles in my life.  Through all my life, I have always tried to keep the attitude that "giving" was the best way.  It's what I was taught.  I've always been a giver.  Never a taker.  I've always been grateful for my blessings in my life.  I try to keep that motto to my core.

In my life, sometimes giving and over-giving was my downfall, because I was giving to the wrong people.  It turned me into a bitter person, a very non-trusting person, though it didn't change my attitude to continue to help others.

I have always been a hard worker for my own money, almost 22 years at my career.  Though my career has gone a bit (actually A LOT) downhill lately, I am not sure how much longer I will be hanging in there.  But that's for another blog, another day. 

My husband is a damn hard worker, too.  He works so much, I barely recognize him sometimes.  I know he does it for his family, me and our daughter, and I couldn't ask for more than the work ethic that he has. 

I realize how hard people work for their money!  That is my point.

Last year, I went part-time at my job.  Mostly for our daughter, but partly because I am burned out on the demands and changes and the pay cuts they have made.  With going part-time, I lost all my seniority, my paid time off, and our health insurance.  So I did what any adult would do, I paid off our debts, our vehicles, and signed up for the Affordable Healthcare so we have health insurance.

Things had been going well since I went part-time, until not one, not two, but three snags hit us.  Okay, not so much snags as much as BIG PROBLEMS, with our home.

1.  A/C unit went out on the house.

2.  Plumbing issue.

3.  Need a new roof.

Of those three, the biggest issue of course was the AC unit.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  (They don't call us The Valley of The Sun for no reason).  We basically live in hell (same zip code anyway)!  It's hot more than it's cool.  Nuff said.

We knew when we received our income tax money this year, we could take care of all our issues.  We didn't "sweat" it too much...no pun intended.

Recently, we found ourselves in a situation where we didn't get our income tax money back as quickly as we normally do every year (because we enrolled in the Affordable Healthcare Act and the government didn't have their shit together.  No other way to describe that). 

My husband and I debated taking a loan out, at least for the AC unit.  The rest could wait until our money gets here.  If you know my husband, he HATES anything that spells I.N.T.E.R.E.S.T.  He is a cash and debit kinda guy. 

I don't ever go around telling people our personal problems.  I don't broadcast my business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, none of that. 

Recently, however, I had the absolute privilege to host 2 wonderful friends over for brunch while one of them was in town.  Negs and I live here in Arizona.  Lisa lives in another state.  We like to refer to ourselves as the "ninjas!"  We are pretty notorious on Facebook for being the "3 ninjas."  A title we ALL wear proudly!

Myself and Ninja Neggie.
(Of note, my husband is NOT the best photographer)....sorry honey!

The three ninjas!  Thank you Ninja Lisa for our honorary ninja necklaces! 
The last time I saw Ninja Negs before the brunch...well this is how I remember Ninja Negs:


The beauty of Facebook for me is all the old memories.  Reconnecting with old friends from high school has been one of the best parts!  Ninja Negs is always there everyday to make me laugh.  He is smart, funny, a true joy to be around, and also he can take a damn good punch from a couple of ninja chicks like Lisa and myself.  I love his laugh, his positive outlook on life, the way he handles himself, and especially his confidence in knowing what he is looking for in his life.  That makes him EXTRA special!

We had such a great afternoon here during the brunch.  Thank you Lisa for making the drive, and thank you for introducing us to your wonderful son.  He liked my cooking, he's a keeper! 

Later in the day, and I don't know how, we ended up on the subject of income taxes, the AC unit going kaput, going to the bank to get a loan, etc, etc.  It was just general conversation.  Nothing serious.

The next morning, I woke up to a very long message from my Ninja Negs giving the name and number of a guy he wanted me to call and get him out to put the AC on the house.  Of course, I immediately declined.  I felt so overwhelmed.  You don't understand, I am the "giver!"  I don't take.  I don't receive. 

He continued to reassure me that this wasn't about monetary issues.  He knows we are good for the money.  He truly wanted to do this for MY FAMILY.  He genuinely wanted to help my family, and he wanted it to be done sooner than later and not pay interest on a loan.  (((MOUTH WIDE OPEN RIGHT NOW)))!

How?  How does someone like me accept such a generous offer?  I am not used to such acts of kindness in my life. 

I discussed this wonderfully generous offer with my husband that my ninja was offering, and he was absolutely speechless.  He didn't even know what to say.  He, too, has been used to "takers" in his life, always being the giver in his family, that he didn't know how to react to such a kindness being bestowed upon us.  

Because we know what is happening with our income tax and why our refund is going to be a slower process this year, we did humbly accept his offer.

Within 1 day, 1 day, he had the ball rolling in motion and the new unit was here!!  

 Goodbye old unit, you've been good to us....BUT....

HELLO new AC unit...why yes, YOU can live here!!!

                            Shhhhhh!  Did you hear that?  The AC just kicked on.  Cooooooooool!

I heard the saying once that gratitude is like a muscle; the more we do with it, the stronger it gets.

There are not enough words in the dictionary to thank this wonderful man who did this act of kindness for my family, especially before it started to get too hot here.  Lending us this money so we didn't have to pay any interest to a bank is just absolutely phenomenal.  I won't say how much money this was, but you can only imagine.  This is NOT cheap. 

He's done even more for us, besides this HUGE act of monetary kindness, than he even knows.  He restored our faith in humanity, to continue to see the good in people.  It's been a long, long time since someone cared about us for a change and not the other way around.  How do you say thank you?  How do you show how overwhelmed inside your heart is?  How it goes deep into your soul.  The flow of my tears.  I've spent every single day this week thanking him over and over again, only for him to again reassure me that he offered because he wanted to and he knows he will get his money back.

Ninja Negs, you are OUR HERO!

Oh, a couple of other people also wanted to share their gratitude:  

"True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils.  Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island.  To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing." 

We love you Ninja Neggie, our HERO!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Lately, I have been posting a lot of "foodies" on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.  I have to say, I didn't start doing it for any reason except for the fact that I was just "posting" what I do almost every day, which is COOK.  Just tryna be trendy with all the other folks and post what I eat too, ya know?  I for one LOVE IT when someone posts what they cook, and I LOVE new recipes.

In the last few months, I have been overwhelmed in my private messages with someone wanting one or two of my recipes that I post, or if I have a recipe for something that they are wanting to cook, or someone asking me if I know a good substitute for this and that.  Can you say....FLATTERED!!!!!!!!!! 

As flattered as I was, and STILL am, I said to myself:  "Self, why don't you just start a foodie blog?"

Taaa Daaa!


Saturday, December 7, 2013


 Dear Santa:

It's been a long time since I've written.  I think my last letter was postmarked like 1972.  It was thoughtless of me to not write all these years.  And though I know I shoulda been on the naughty list from 1982-1987, you still looked out for me.  I really have no excuse.

It's now 2013 and here I am writing you once again. Why?  Because shit just got real!!!

As you can see, I am writing this letter using my child's #2 pencil, of which the eraser is half chewed so I will try to hold on any mistakes.  (No pens allowed here; it's waaaaaay easier to wash pencil off the walls, and furniture).

I have been a good mom this year!!  I fed my child, I bathed my child, I played with my child, I read to my child, I even cuddled with my child.  My point is, I have managed to keep a HUMAN BEING ALIVE!  That should count for something right?

I don't usually ask for much, but this year I am gonna need some things:

1.  A new pair of legs.  I have a fast running 4 year old.

2.  A pre-pregnancy body.  Anybody's will do.  (Never mind that my daughter was adopted).

3.  A CD of James Earl Jones (Darth Vader voice) with pre-recorded sayings of, "Don't Touch That," "Get Down," "Don't Paint The Cat," "Stop It," and my favorite, "GO TO BED!"

4.  A "Rosie Robot!"  You know that chick who was the maid for the Jetson's? I really gotta have one.

5.  I would love a new car with "fingerprint resistant windows." Yeah one of those.

6.  An extra 6 inches!  Oops let me explain...OF BED, an extra 6 inches of the bed!

7.  A TV that NEVER plays anything with talking animals!!  If that's too much, then a stereo that NEVER plays Old McDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or that pesky lullaby theme (yeah yeah we get it, bough falls down, all bad, go to sleep already)!

8.  A talking dolly that says, "You Are The BEST Mom!"  To boost my confidence as a mom and shit.

If it's too late to find any of these, I'd settle for enough time to brush my teeth and comb my hair in the same morning, or the luxury of eating food warmer than room temperature and to drink a Pepsi BEFORE the ice melts.

Also, one last thing.  I am not sure if this is a God thing or a Santa thing, but could we declare ketchup and spaghetti sauce as a veggie?  That would clear my conscious immensely!

Here's to safe travels Santa.  Feel free to help yourself to all the cookies you want at my house, take your boots off and warm your tootsies by my fireplace, and sip some of that hot chocolate.  (If that pesky elf you sent here leaves you any)!

Well Santa, the dryer buzzer just went off.  That's my cue.  Not to mention the fact that my child just found me writing this letter in the refrigerator behind the crisper section, aaaaaand she wants her half eaten #2 pencil back!

With Love,


PS:  I used the back side of the latest cable bill statement to write you this letter.  Feel free to pay it if you feel that is a better gift instead.  Thank You.

PPS:  If the elf is still alive when you get here, kick him in the balls.  I think he pinched me!!

Merry Christmas!!!

PPPS:  Never mind.  You can disregard the PPS....